For Remote Support, kindly download the TeamViewer Quick Support file and run it. Pls whatsapp us the Teamviewer ID and pwd via this link:  

 that it's ready for us to remotely connect to your PC. 

1. Click on this link to Download TeamViewer Quick Support

2. Once downloaded, click on the exe file to launch the TeamViewer Quick Support.

3. Take a picture of the ID and pwd and send to the support engineer who will assist u. We prefer to communicate via WhatsApp for faster response. If you not sure who to send to, please WhatsApp to our corporate support number or email.

WhatsApp: +65 6631 8558  



  • Please send pictures of the error and clearly state your issues.
  • If it's email troubleshooting, it's best to give us these details:
    Sender email
    Recipient email
    Date/Time the email was sent
    Subject of email if have
    Problem Description
  • If you are not on our IT support plan, please email to give u a quote and you need to accept the quote before we can start work.
  • No software will be installed on your PC, once the TeamViewer Quick Support Software is closed, we will not be able to remote in.