Did you know that a large part of your company’s mission-critical information is saved in the form of emails?

This means that any user can permanently delete this company knowledge with a single click of the mouse – whether intentionally or accidentally. Employees tend to delete their entire mailbox when they stop working for a company. Technical problems can also result in the loss of emails. These are all ways your company loses valuable information on a daily basis.


    The ever-increasing volume of email can be a serious challenge for companies. Overloaded email servers, rising storage requirements, unreliable PST files, and complex backup and restore processes place an increasingly enormous strain on IT departments and their budgets. Furthermore, end users complain that searches are getting slower and slower, or need to limit their productivity due to artificially imposed mailbox limits.


    The solution: We offer you a virtual email vault where your emails can be archived in their entirety, with total security. It includes an extremely fast full-text search for all employees (searches can be run directly in Outlook). You do not have to purchase any new hardware or expensive software licenses. We provide you with the entire solution as a managed service, turnkey ready for immediate implementation.

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