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Outlook Add-In:

User Access to the Archive

Users can access their individual user archives in a variety of ways. Click the link for MailStore Client and the MailStore Outlook add-in


Via MailStore Client

With MailStore Client, users can access MailStore Server from any computer in the network. With this option, users can search and view emails that have been archived specifically for them. Additionally, users with the corresponding privileges can use MailStore Client to archive emails themselves. Server Address will be:<<instance-ID or alias>>

Via the MailStore Outlook Add-In

The MailStore Outlook add-in provides an additional toolbar in Microsoft Outlook that permits easy access to the archive.

Via Other Email Clients

MailStore Server includes an integrated IMAP server for users who need to access the archive independently of the operating system. This way, the archive can be accessed from Mac OS and Linux workstations as well as from most mobile devices. In this case, the archive is accessed like a regular mailbox (read-only).

Via an Internet Browser (MailStore Web Access)

MailStore Web Access provides users with access to the archive via any Internet browser. No additional software needs to be installed on the user computers. Simply enter<<instance-ID or alias>> in your browser

Via Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)

MailStore Mobile Web Access lets users access the archive from any location via their smartphone. Mobile Web Access also provides a search function, as well as allowing users to access the folder structure and view the archived emails
Simply enter<<instance-ID or alias>> in your browser and select Mobile Version