1. Please download the Teamviewer Host Setup using the link above so we can remotely assist you more easily.
  2. Please run the executable file and click YES on the UAC prompt. Click Next on the "Welcome to TeamViewer Host Setup
  3. During the installation process, follow the steps in the pictures.

  4. Please setup the Computer Name in this format: [COMPANY NAME] PC-NAME(USER NAME). Leave the Password and Confirm Password blank and select Skip password. A new ID will be generated for you.
    E.g. [ISPEED] ISPEED-OFFFICE1(William)

  5. Please click on Allow and Finish on the Account assignment page.
  6. You will see your ID and Password on the Teamviewer App. U can provide us your ID and password via email/WhatsApp/Skype/Call so we can remotely support you.
    Note: The password here is randomly generated and u can regenerate a new password by clicking on the icon beside the password.

  7. Please click on the Gear Icon and go to the Security Tab. Please tick on Grant Remote Support, iSpeed Solutions Pte Ltd easy access and click OK

  8. Inform us the Teamviewer ID or your computer Name so we can remotely assist you. U can find us via this link