We now support SGQR. Do scan this to pay us via your preferred bank apps and also GrabPay. WeChat Pay is also supported.

GrabPay Notes:

We do support GrabPay now! 

Do write us a note on your Company Name and Invoice No. so we know who has paid. 

Transaction value up to $3000 or $5000 max and you do earn GrabRewards too. 

* Note: U need to topup your GrabPay wallet to pay. 

GrabPay FAQ: https://help.grab.com/passenger/en-sg/115001982507-GrabPay 

What is the GrabPay Wallet balance and transaction limit

GrabPay has a stored value facility (SVF) that allows you to keep prepaid electronic money (or “balance”) in the Grab app. This wallet feature is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Grab is required to impose balance and transaction limits on GrabPay’s SVF feature to protect users and to minimise misuse, in accordance with MAS regulations.

By default, the GrabPay wallet can hold a maximum balance of $5,000 at any one time. Any top up attempt that will bring your GrabPay balance above this limit will be declined. Your limit will be increased after you've done the identification process known as KYC (“Know Your Customers”).

GrabPay Wallet typeBasic Wallet

Premium Wallet
(after successful verification of your identity)

Balance limit$5,000$5,000
Single transaction limit$3,000$5,000
Annual transaction limit
(calendar year)