Those below are required with Port In DIDs from SingTel To CloudPBX:


  1.  Full SingTel bills of account owner in last 1- 3 months (include the DIDs you need to be ported in)
  2.  Confirmation from Singtel that there's no contract tie to your Ported DIDs -> Forward to us
    (Email Template:
  3.  Porting fee per DID: S$50b/gst (How to Pay:
  4. Note:Whole process can take up to 4-5 weeks.
    • Termination date will be from Monday to Friday, at office hours.
    • On porting day itself expect a downtime of up to a day if the other telcos have not updated their system with regards to the number being ported to. We will try to minimize this downtime as much as possible but if it's unavoidable due to the different schedules each telco will follow with regards to updating their systems.
    • If there are additional services tied to Ported in DID, get the written-confirmation from partner/customer to acknowledge that those lines will be terminated when the number is ported over.


Request to fill up the forms needed in total:

  1. Application for Internal Number Portability for Local Telephony Service ( Link: )
  2. LOA (Link:
    Please fill up all the yellow info:
    End Customer Company Name
    End Customer BRN/UEN
    Number to port-in; agreed date,
    Put the authorized officer's information, sign and stamp at the end of the forms
  3. Written-confirmation from Singtel (for no contract tied to the numbers)

Please email to us once you have all these information.